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  • LED75W20 75-inch Hisense interactive touch control
  • LED75W20 75-inch Hisense interactive touch control
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LED75W20 75-inch Hisense interactive touch control all-in-one machine

产品简介: 背光光源: E-LED 屏幕尺寸: 75 寸 屏幕比例: 16:9 分辨率: 3840*2160 一键关屏: 有 影院型声音画面配置 全新20点触控技术 备课5分钟,省时更高效 通用的PPT格式,教学文件格式通用化 consulting

Product details

Former shell: aluminum shell, plastic hanging bracket: the all-in-one packaging speaker: VIT70236-15 project.it Ω - 01 glass: 4 mm toughened glass, anti-dazzle backlight source: E - LED screen size: 75 - inch screen ratio: 16:9 resolution: a key GuanBing: 3840 * 2160 Sound: Balancing adjustment, five-stage equalizer, DTS, SRS Trurround HD, Dolby Decoding DD+, Automatic sound adjustment, Terminal:TV 1(ATV+DTMB), video input 1(with component reuse), TV USB input (side) 1,USB input front 3 (1 channel PC USB3.0, 1 channel TV USB2.0,1 way Touch USB), Touch the USB side 1, 1, audio input component (Y/Pb/Pr) input 1 (composite video connection), DVI input 1, OPS interface (compatible with OPS - C) 1, HDMI inputs (front) 1 (HDMI1.4), VGA input/output into the / 1, audio output 1 (composite video connection), video output 1 (composite video connection), SPDIF output 1, infrared input 1, headphone output 1, Ethernet front-end ports 1, TF bayonet1, Touch structure: Built-in Touch mode: infrared Touch points: 10 Response speed: ≤4ms Soft control button: Yes Android Touch: Yes Android /PC touch switch: Yes Soft control: screen off, standby, PC off/on, volume, add/subtract, mute, signal source, energy saving Accessories: Remote control, power cord, manual, wiring Sound power: 15W*2 Machine power: 310W (excluding OPS) Appearance size: 1721×1034×86 mm Display area size: 1650.24×928.26mm Weight: (net weight) 72kg Physical resolution: 3840×2160; Brightness of machine: ≥ 400CD /㎡; Version: Android 4.3 Configuration: A9 Scheme 10 cores: 4 cores CPU, 4 cores GPU, 2 cores secondary CPU, 1.5g RAM, 8GB ROM Integrated structure (built-in touch frame, not outerwear) Support android touch (including touch menu) Apk clients can be installed Intelligent brightness induction (based on touch) Support OPS computer (installed in the rear of the whole machine) Infrared remote control