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Sj-c 700 70-inch multimedia touch tablet all-in-one

Product Description: Screen inch: 70 inch Brand: SHARP display inch: 1538.8×865.6mm pixel inch: 0.630×0.630mm Ratio: 16:9 Display color number: 1.70000 color resolution ratio: 1920×1080pixel brightness: 350CD /m2 visual Angle: 178° consulting

Product details

Display parameters screen ruler: 70 inch product brand: display pixel ruler: 1538.8×865.6mm pixel ruler: 0.630×0.630mm ratio: 16:9 display color number: 1.07 million color resolution ratio: 1920×1080pixel brightness: 350cd/m2 visual Angle: 178° TV parametersNTSC M/N,PAL BG/DK/I/H,SECAM L/L video frequency type: MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, H264, RM, RMVB, MOV, MJPEG multimedia function: audio and video playback, picture viewing, playback function resolution: Analog and digital HD port signal input maximum support 1080P FORMAT HDMI version: HDMI support to 1.3 HDCP version: HDCP support to 1.1 3D dynamic noise reduction:Support 3 d video dynamic noise reduction sweeping stroke party: support to 1080 I 3 d video dynamic adaptive partition line by line interlacing sound sound control: automatic voice standard detection, support the balance adjustment, surround sound output: 2 x10w touch touch screen type parameters: infrared induction, the pipe to pipe quantity not less than 300 to touch model: single point, multi-point, mouse three modes can be keen in touch touch don't knowledge: finger, stylus points to contend with any opaque objects, such as rate: 4096 x 4096 ring should be between:Single point pattern: the first point (click) : 8 ms, continuous (writing) light standard rate: a single point, multi-point, mouse: up to 300 HP/SEC 125 damage per second to make with the life of life: more than 60000000 clicks point operations: compatible with Windows 7, the 2 points and writing operation, support Windows 7 gesture recognition on a relatively is: to the standard HID devices, without positioning, and form a complete set of management program is to locate the light failure prevention function: the light failure circuit, prevent due to long time work performance check test software:Touch screen detection software, intuitive touch screen all of the parameters of the tube reaction, at the same time provide full screen painting line detection light dry anti-disturbance: in the case of direct sunlight work PC configuration computer motherboard: gigabyte INTEL H61 CPU: INTEL G530 dual-core memory: 2 gb of memory DDR II disk: 500 g CARDS: on-board Realtek RTL8111D gigabit nics wireless keyboard: equipped with SAN Antonio pg overall multimedia input parameters: 4-way USB touch screen:1 channel USB2.0 HDMI input: 1 channel VGA input: 1 channel PC audio input: 1 channel component input: 2 channel AV input: 2 channel S-VIDEO: 1 channel SPDIF: 1 channel Complete machine size: 1307.6×777.6×107.4mm(excluding base) Net weight: 52kg gross weight: 57kg power consumption: & LT;200W standby power consumption: & LT;1W accessories: Remote control: 1 USB cable: 1 VGA cable: 1 audio cable: 1 optical disk: 1 touch pen: 2 Manual: 1 Wall piece: Optional